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All clients are treated with respect and confidentiality.

Holistic Counselling takes your body, mind, soul and spirit into account in the counselling process.


City Yoga Studio offers professional and caring Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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What do I gain from Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Having counselling results in greater clarity and heightened understanding of who you are, which helps you to work through any problems or issues that you might be struggling with.

Holistic counselling and psychotherapy are approached from a body, mind, soul and spirit perspective. 

Throughout the counselling process, understanding and support are provided in a confidential, private and caring environment. The sessions are totally confidential (the therapist signs a confidentiality agreement and is bound by the code of conduct from the Australian Counselling Association).

What does a counselling session involve?
The session involves dialogue between the client and the Psychotherapist. Other therapies may be incorporated if appropriate: For example, creative drawing, visualization, story writing, meditation, breathing or movement. This is entirely dependent on your individual circumstances and needs.

When should I seek counselling?
Counselling is valuable at any time in your life – it is never too late or too soon to start. Some situations in which you may benefit from counselling are:

  • Career guidance
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief
  • Stress
  • Well-being
  • Depression


Who is the counsellor?

Rebecca is a Psychotherapist who has trained in a Holistic way. She has her Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy from Metavision Institute. She also has a BA (Syd Uni) and is a member of the ACA (Australian Counselling Association) and the PCA (Professional Counselling Association of NSW).

Useful links:

The Australian Counselling Association can be found at

The Professional Counselling Association can be found at


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